Take a Behavioral Pulse™

Benefits for Your Practice

Pediatricians, as the first professionals parents consult, can identify potential behavioral health problem areas early and intervene quickly. During the first visit, behavioral health problems are quickly and accurately identified. Behavioral health information, as well as a "snapshot" (a graphical image) indicating problem areas, is provided in a report that integrates with an EMR. Specific evidenced based recommendations are provided for you to give to the parent/guardian/care-giver. At subsequent visits, the parent completes B-Vitals Follow-Up™, a briefer form, that documents progress, identifies any new problems, and monitors usefulness of the recommendations.
B-Vitals takes a “behavioral pulse” of the child and provides the pediatrician with comprehensive knowledge, specific recommendations for the parent and the opportunity to monitor progress. Like a lab test, the doctor can quickly identify problem behaviors and other behavioral health vital signs.   All done for a low fee and with minimal time involvement.

Competitive Advantages Over Other Instruments

  • Designed and developed by expert psychologists with over 100 years of experience in behavioral health and in collaboration with pediatricians
  • Technological sophistication allows for easy and quick usage
  • Assessment is completed prior to office visit
  • More comprehensive and screens across ten behavioral domains
  • Easy for the parent to complete
  • Allows for follow up to monitor progress
  • Integrates behavioral health and medical information
  • Integrates with EMRs
  • Provides report to both parents and doctor
  • Inexpensive
  • Has specific evidenced based recommendations
  • Constantly updated with new research and treatments

Benefits to the Doctor:

  • Comprehensively gathers behavioral health information
  • Identifies problems and allows you to see their severity
  • Provides recommendations for treatment
  • Identifies children at risk quickly
  • Allows for monitoring and tracking of behavioral improvement
  • Allows you to track treatment compliance and monitor outcomes more closely
  • Easy to use with minimal staff time
  • Integrates with EMR’s
  • Reduces documentation burden
  • Provides support for appropriate reimbursement
  • Manages risk and complies with AAP recommendations for assessment