Take a Behavioral Pulseā„¢

Benefits for Parents

The world is rampant with violence, drug abuse, child abuse, bullying, suicide, family conflict and aggression with others. What they have in common is that they all have roots in behavioral health. These behaviors are often the result of underlying emotional conflicts or mental illnesses. Childhood anxiety, depression, defiance, trauma, substance abuse, eating disorders, sleep disorders, and impulse control disorders to name a few manifest in behaviors that are destructive to children, families and society. Unchecked behavioral issues in young children can lead to increasingly worse societal problems later.

Benefits to Families:

  • Increases communication with the pediatrician
  • Can identify concerns before they become problems
  • Allows for early intervention
  • Provides specific treatment procedures to follow to improve behaviors
  • Can follow progress of recommendations
  • Following recommendations provides a happy, healthier child
  • Reduces school absences/failing grades
  • Reduces medication costs
  • Reduces hospital/rehabilitation admissions and visits
  • Reduces family counseling and individual psychological counseling
  • Reduces medical and specialist visits
  • Can become part of the B-Vitals community (Ask a doctor)