Take a Behavioral Pulse™
FAQ- Doctors
1. Why is there a need for behavioral health assessments?
A behavioral health assessment provides a complete picture of a child's overall emotional health. This information provides you with information about areas that might be of concern but that a parent might not always report. A good assessment will include information across all areas of a child's life. By completing a behavioral health assessment, both the parent and the doctor identify problems early before they become more serious. It also allows for early intervention with recommendations that the parent can implement. The AAP is now strongly recommending that some type of behavioral assessment be included as part of routine medical care.

2. How do I integrate B-Vitals™ into my practice?
B-Vitals™ is easy to integrate into your practice. It is designed to interface with your existing EMR system and/or can be used as a standalone assessment tool. It is completed by the parent on a tablet in your waiting room or at home on the Internet. A report for you and for the parent is ready by the time you see the child. The start-up cost of implementing B-Vitals™ is minimal and the staff training necessary to begin utilizing B-Vitals™ is simple and accessible on-line. B-Vitals™ is designed to be easy to use, cost-effective, and provide maximum information.

3. Why is early identification of behavioral health problems important?
Early identification of behavioral health problems can help prevent more serious problems from occurring later in life. Frequently, parents do not mention details that can be significant. A behavioral health assessment can facilitate dialogue between you and the parent about pertinent issues that might otherwise go undetected, become more serious and difficult to treat.

4. What does B-Vitals™ Follow-up do?
B-Vitals Follow-Up™ monitors and tracks progress in the areas of concern that were initially identified with B-Vitals™. B-Vitals Follow-Up™ is designed to help you monitor what works and how compliant patients and their families are in following through with suggested recommendations. B-Vitals Follow-Up™ can be given as frequently as a physician deems necessary. For more severe problems, the doctor can monitor the patient on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. For less severe issues, follow-up every four to six months may be all that is needed. For those who have no or very few identified issues, utilizing B-Vitals™ annually may be sufficient.

5. Does insurance pay for B-Vitals™?
Most insurance plans will cover a behavioral assessment and there are specific codes that can be utilized. For those insurance plans that do not cover it, our market research has indicated that most parents are willing to pay a nominal fee of $25 to gather this behavioral health information.

6. Do I have to chart everything?
The only charting you will have to do is to note that B-Vitals™ or B-Vitals Follow-Up™ was administered, reviewed with the parent, and that recommendations were provided to the parent. If there are additional recommendations you wish to make, this information can easily be added into the chart or report that is provided to the parent. B-Vitals™ and B-Vitals Follow-Up™ is designed to minimize physician time.

7. Are the results accurate?
The results are based on the information that the parent has identified as areas of concern. The assessment is written on a level that even those with minimal education can understand and complete. If there are questions regarding the reliability of the parent or guardian, then the results of the assessment may be questionable.

8. Can I trust the recommendations?
All of the recommendations are based on evidence based practices and have been made by licensed psychologists who collectively have over 100 years of direct clinical experience working with children and their families.

9. Who makes the diagnosis?
All diagnoses are made by the doctor. Behavioral health information is provided so that the pediatrician can make a more informed diagnostic decision.

10. Will B-Vitals™ integrate with my EMR?
Yes. All reports are provided in a .pdf format and may be integrated with your existing EMR.